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The Great Roll-Off: Toilet Paper Over Vs. Under + POLL

Over or Under? The Toilet Paper Tussle that's Tearing Us Apart

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Well, well, well, we meet again at the bathroom door, ready to plunge into an issue that’s been roiling households since the dawn of the toilet paper roll: The over-or-under orientation conundrum. Yes, you heard right, we’re delving into the toilet tissue tosh, the lavatory logjam, the commode controversy that’s far too ‘flushed’ in our lives than it has any right to be.

The Scene of the Crime

Picture this: it’s a Saturday morning, and you’re navigating through the house with a cup of hot coffee. You waltz into the bathroom, and there it is, a fresh roll of toilet paper, placed… UNDER?! The audacity! The coffee turns cold in your hand as you stare at this blatant violation of the natural order of things, or so you think. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, you’d be bristling just as much if it were hung OVER. Yes, folks, this is the battleground we’re treading today.

Roll Call for Team Over

Let’s first rally for Team Over. Their flag boasts the image of the original toilet paper patent by Seth Wheeler in 1891. The diagram quite clearly, almost smugly, presents the paper going over the roll. The Overs have historical precedent, technical accuracy, and perhaps a touch of OCD on their side. Overs argue that their way makes the roll easier to find, tear, and it’s less likely to brush up against the wall. In the realm of Overs, nothing spells ‘civilized’ like a well-hung roll of toilet paper, cascading over like a waterfall, a beacon of hygiene in the porcelain wilderness.

The Unruly Unders

However, one cannot ignore the fervor of the Unders, those rebels of the toilet paper world, those brave, pioneering spirits who live by their own rules. In this camp, practicality rules over patent drawings. They argue that their orientation is cat and toddler-proof. Any feline pawing or toddler whacking results in nothing but a harmless spin of the roll rather than a paper trail leading to the heart of bathroom anarchy. As an Under, one feels a delightful thrill in going against the grain. In their rebellion, they find order.

The Roll Rorschach

Now, we won’t delve into the Middle Grounders here – those radical souls who switch between over and under with devil-may-care abandon – simply because we’re trying to conduct a civilized discussion here and not tumble into anarchy. But seriously, isn’t it fascinating how this toilet paper tête-à-tête mirrors our personalities? The meticulous, the rebellious, the carefree – all reflected in the way we hang our rolls. Just think of it as a sort of ‘bathroom Rorschach test‘ – revealing more about our daily habits and attitudes than we’d ever thought.

Ready, Set, Poll!

As we near the end of this riveting discussion, let’s not forget the fun fact that, apparently, Americans spend over $7 billion on toilet paper annually. Now imagine the part of that investment you make to take a stand in this epic debate. That’s right! We’re turning this debate into a reality show. So grab your rolls and get ready to rumble!

Below, you’ll find the much-anticipated poll: Are you an Over or an Under? Your participation will not only bring satisfaction to your debate-hungry souls, but it will also provide necessary data to future anthropologists who’ll no doubt study this era with an undying fascination. So, don’t be shy! Raise your voices and your toilet paper rolls! Let’s bring this debate out of the water closet and into the limelight.

Spread the Word, or rather, the Roll

Furthermore, to ensure this discussion truly ‘rolls on,’ share this article with your family, friends, and yes, even with your grumpy neighbor. Who knows, you may just find a new level of understanding, or at least have a new topic to argue about at the next barbecue.

A Final Thought

So go forth, let your toilet paper orientation flag fly high! Remember, in this whimsical world of over and under, it’s not about which way the roll spins, but how we can laugh, engage, and maybe, just maybe, find some common ground on which to stand – even if it is just the bathroom floor.

POLL: Over or Under – How Do You Hang Your Toilet Paper?

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