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"A breath of fresh air in the publishing/media space"

– Quote from (lets be honest, it was us who wrote this).

Welcome, internet wanderer, to the fantastic world of The Debate Goes On!

We’re a lively collective of misfit writers and humorists who’ve been shaking up the media publishing industry like a well-mixed cocktail for over a decade.

Our mission? Simple. We’re here to turn serious debates into the life of the party. You see, we believe that understanding complex, polarizing topics shouldn’t be like eating raw broccoli. It should be like chomping into a juicy cheeseburger, layered with laughter, insight, and a side of extra crispy humor.

We navigate the wide sea of debates, armed with our trusty compass of satire, and help you decipher who’s right, who’s hilariously wrong, and who’s just there for the free buffet. Politics? Sports? Climate change? Immigration? The ever-controversial debate on whether pineapple belongs on pizza? (We’re looking at you, Hawaii.) No topic is too daunting, no debate is too serious.

Our team? We’re no mere jesters. Behind our colorful noses and oversized shoes beats the heart of a dedicated crew, committed to delivering the facts. Our goal is to ensure you’re entertained, but also informed. We juggle facts and funnies, ensuring each piece we publish is as accurate as it is amusing.

At The Debate Goes On, we’re more than a platform. We’re your friendly neighborhood satirist, your comedic companion in the pursuit of knowledge. We’re a bright beacon in a world often overwhelmed by serious debates, and we’re here to make sure you never sail those waters alone.

We don’t just want you to read our content; we want you to be a part of our ever-growing, laughter-loving community. So why not join us? Click that subscribe button below and get a front-row seat to our humor-filled debates, right in your inbox. 

Remember, in the world of “The Debate Goes On”, every day is a carnival, and every debate is a rollercoaster. So, strap in, hold tight, and let’s enjoy this wild ride together!

Want to contribute to The Debate Goes On?

We’re always looking for new voices and fresh perspectives at “The Debate Goes On”! If you’re a writer or “funny person” who’s passionate about settling debates and making people laugh, we’d love to hear from you. We welcome guest contributors and pitches for new topics and polls.

To get started, simply visit our Write for Us page for all the details. We can’t guarantee that we’ll publish every submission, but we promise to give every pitch a fair shake.

Thanks for your interest in “The Debate Goes On”! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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